D Crenshaw – Maryland USA

We appreciated Dennis’ suggestions, especially dinners at Il Dongione in San Guistino (excellent) and Vasco’s in Montagna (indescribable fantastic dining experience). We found prices for dining out and groceries to be bargains as compared to what we pay in the states. Also, the quality of food at local open markets and at the groceries was exceptionally high. Italians have high expectations of quality. Regional & local wines are eminently palatable and (no better way to say it) cheap by comparison to what we pay at home. June started out cool & wet then turned dry and warm. The rain storms early in the month didn’t interfere with morning sightseeing but punctuated the afternoons dramatically as the clouds and thunder moved in across the valley. Our recourse - open another bottle of Montefalco Rosso and dig into to a chunk of local aged Pecorino and an array of charcuterie – and let the storm run its course. Later in the month clear weather let us use the spacious pool and pool deck daily, lingering over the views toward the sunset late into the long days of summer. On one sunny day with breezes blowing in from the south we fired off the pizza oven for about six hours then baked pizzas until everyone cried enough. Gilly and Dennis were reachable, attentive and helpful without intruding, a perfect balance. All in all a remarkable vacation in a truly wonderful venue.