When To Visit

April - May
If you are keen on sightseeing, walking or cycling - spring is the best season to visit us. You can walk for miles in the hills directly from our house or visit the towns and villages you can see from the garden. The mornings may be a little chilly but the days are at their longest and usually sunny.

June - July - August
From the early morning until sunset our pool is in the sun. And even when the temperatures reach 38 degrees (100F) there's lots of shade under the olive trees or pergola. Evenings are warm well into the night when you can enjoy a late alfresco barbecue.

September - October
Also great months for sightseeing and visiting the many "sagra" (harvest festivals) which celebrate the mushroom, chestnut and wine harvests. We are about 2 hours away from both the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas which are still warm and the beaches deserted.

November - December
Days are usually cool but sunny and at night you'll appreciate our central heating, cosy duvets and "stufe" (wood-burning stoves). The olive harvest continues through November and an opportunity to taste the freshly pressed olive oil.
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